reconsidérer internet

Master thesis questioning the phenomena of monopoly and control of information, as well as our passivity in the face of web technologies. Questioning the consequences of our behavior on the Internet for each individual, but also on a larger scale. Proposing hypotheses for gaining autonomy and gradually emancipating ourselves from the great powers.

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Communication for terminus, an electronic music collective based in Brest. Design of the visual identity and various medias for the events.

photos by chloé baty.

process to print

workshop at ESAC with axel fontenil. extraction of elements from photographs using a python program. recomposition of images using the fragments and projection to recompose new images once again, this time by hand. creation of an edition using these media.

ixelles museum

As part of an internship at ekta studio in Brussels, creation of a poster for Musée en pleine herbe, an event organized by the Musée d'Ixelles.


workshops for high school students to raise awareness of the fake news that abound on the Internet. Analysis of the mechanisms of fake news, manipulation of texts and images to write fictional but credible stories, in order to create a printed newspaper using a web application developed for the project.


Identification and collection of signs with technical functions in Cambrai. These signs are not intended to be looked at or appreciated, and are made without any artistic or even aesthetic intent. This edition is a non-exhaustive and temporary inventory. It bears witness to gestures and ephemeral traces that form part of the urban landscape.


(in progress)

Visual communication of the conference cycle ‘Décortiquer la commande’ (Deconstructing the Commission) organized by the first year master of the ÉSAC Cambrai. Creation of a path, the progression referring to the many stages of a commission process.

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Editing workshop with Line Célo. Layout of the introduction of the book Statactivisme written by Emmanuel DIDIER, Isabelle BRUNO and Julien PRÉVIEUX, published in May 2014.


Workshop 'le potentiel des riens' with Guilhem Roubichou. With Marion Quillien, we created DK2116, the result of a walk in different places in the city of Dunkerque (france). During this walk, we collected 'insignificant' objects and signs in order to give them substance and make them exist together. Our visuals come from our samples and are in a way an inventory or witness of our wandering.

tiny orchestra

Workshop with Keyvane Alinaghi, Tomek Jarolim and Thibaut Robin. Development of interactive visuals with Processing and arduino boards.

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(in progress)

A tool enabling secondary school teachers to conduct workshops on image analysis. The aim is to take a step back from the incessant flow of images in daily life and thus to fight against manipulation through images.


Creation of a typography based on the Clarendon typeface, created by Robert Besley in 1845. Opyph is composed of 12 fonts and each version of the typeface appears randomly.

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dans le vent

Communication for the exhibition dans le vent (Into the wind), an exhibition that took place from the 1st to the 24th of June 2022 at the École Supérieure d'Art et de Communication of Cambrai. This exhibition proposed to discover the flags realized by the students of year 3.

Fig. Luik

Creation of a flag as part of an exhibition in connection with the Fig. festival in Luik. Invitation to question the notion of the flag.


Development of futuristic identity cards, including information present on administrative identity documents but also information that can be found very easily on the Internet or that the GAFAM have of us. the cards contain nfc tags that can be scanned with a phone to access other data (here).

Fond de tiroir

Collaborative fanzine made from visual elements created by each participant and wich were previously left unused.

moduler la violence

Project mixing code (Processing) and engraving. Work around police violence, modification of these images by code in order to give them a pictorial and artistic dimension, to make them visible by evacuating the shocking and violent aspect of these scenes.

photo by lucie briand.

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Workshop led by Vinciane Dahéron and Marion Quillien. Reverse karaoke : interpretation of the lyrics using a speech to text tool, then web to print layout (html/css). Available here.

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Lille mapping festival

Creation of an interactive visual reacting to sound using Pure Data and Processing. Projection on the UGC cinema during the Video Mapping Festival in Lille.

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du journalisme éthique

'Du journalisme éthique, rôle et responsabilité des designer·euse·s graphiques' (Ethical journalism, role and responsibility of graphic designers). Writing and layout of an article for the DNA (National Art Diploma).

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time sick society

This book is a subjective approach to our relationship with time. It places in parallel images inspired by megaliths (stone buildings erected during prehistory) and a text by Nicole Aubert : Le culte de l'urgence. She questions the permanent acceleration of our contemporary society by confronting it with images that in a way praises the passing of time and slowness. This project proposes a time of pause, of contemplation in front of these stone giants, as an invitation to relativize and take a step back from the rhythm in which we live.


AAMOF is a website in which a text becomes independent. Invitation to appropriate its content in an anonymous and collaborative way. Available here


Milville is a photographic reportage immersed in a post-humanist era in which humans are dematerializing in response to overpopulation, global warming and other environmental damage.


Web to print edition with Julie Blanc, layout of a book thanks to html / css and the open source library Paged.js. Available here.


Within the Kaktuz collective, collaboration with Lucie Briand. Creation of an editorial object to promote and perpetuate one of her projects.

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Dream 2022

"I have a dream 2022". Poster/ greeting card on the theme of dreams.


In response to the health restrictions linked to the covid-19 crisis, co- is a kit that allows people to meet outdoors and create collectively from pre-existing elements that each participant has.


Lettering workshop with Julien Priez. Initiation to type design and experimentation of several techniques. Creation of a typography by hand from a singular grid.


Co-creation of a multidisciplinary collective combining artistic and design practices : the kaktuz collective. Creation of its visual identity with a system of 'stickers' to identify each member of the collective.


Experimentation with photographs. Work around the notion of ephemerality, praise of degraded matter.


Transmedia workshop with Thomas le Provost. Creation of an ideal community with Jeanne Debien. We created '+', a community that anonymously spreads good news.

Vivre le Monde

Second year internship - Redesign of the visual identity of Vivre le Monde , an association of music and dance of oral tradition based in Brest (France).

le virus graphique

Extract of the productions made during the first lockdown (March 2020) during #levirusgraphique, a process initiated by Antoine Wartner and aiming to appropriate these times of "pause", to federate and create freely.

la rare recette

Editorial design workshop with bureau brut on the theme of cocktail recipes. With Cédric Le Guen, Jeanne Debien and Lydia Lifife, we created la rare recette (the rare recipe), a book of forgotten or surprising recipes.

Dieppe kite festival

Fictitious poster for the kite festival of Dieppe in Normandy (France).

le cours des choses

A system based on the principle of cause and effect. Here, the same cause for a multitude of effects : the same instruction corresponding to a series of actions is given to several people.

Type Director's Club

Layout of the registration form for the Type Director's Club, a competition rewarding the best typographic creations every year.